Edgewater Technology Overview

Edgewater offers three proprietary technologies for their producers designed to complete small unit premium items efficiently and profitably. Each technology is designed with the broker or program administrator in mind. It provides you with the tools you need to satisfy the requirements of your clients while preserving the margins you need.

Desktop Raters and Consultative Sales

Desktop Raters are interactive adobe forms that will collect keystroke data calculate a premium quote and serve as a completed application that can be bound and submitted for automatic issuance. It has the following features.

    • It is portable. It can be saved on a desktop as a template. Typically a CSR opens the File, saves it to the name of the applicant (preserving the original template on the desktop. The insurance professional can keystroke the data while speaking to the applicant on the phone, save the document and then either email the document to the applicant or print it for a wet signature. Click here to view a sample
    • It is Broker controlled. The broker is hard wired to the form and the form bears the brokers Logo and contact information.
    • It is self-contained. All you need to complete the transaction is within the document


SmarterFORMS have the same self-rating functionality as desktop raters but they are links rather than documents. They add some higher level functionality.

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Direct Mail SmarterFORM

Mail Direct SmarterFORMS allows you to pinpoint your marketing efforts to individual accounts. It is a way to combine the communication you already have with a technology that allows you to process the transaction in an easier and more cost effective way.

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