Alternative Cyber Security Market Options

Edgewater Holdings has established business relationships with many highly-rated carrier partners since its inception both domestically and internationally.  In the emerging cyber security space, Edgewater realizes that not all potential cyber risk clients will fit into its two main cyber security carrier programs.  It has therefore broadened its team of cyber savvy markets in the past two years to offer several additional carrier partner options.

Edgewater’s Approach to Customizing Cyber Market Carrier Relationships

 As noted on several of the Cyber Security Coverage pages, Edgewater leverages the strengths and domains of several international carriers as well as specialized markets, primarily base in London to satisfy the underwriting needs of a large portion of their cyber clientele.  This market has large capital capacities, cyber security underwriting expertise and outside legal counsel to guide practically any cyber exposure.

That said, in today’s world of global cyber espionage, technical hacking rings and under protected financial exposures, there are an increasingly growing number of new technologies (biotech, online medical records, and start-up tech companies) that do not fit into the standard mold of cyber risk parameters.  This is a niche where Edgewater Holdings is building new relationships, helping design more targeted coverages and coordinating the most sophisticated breach management tools.

If your client’s exposures are relatively new and/or complex, we urge you to contact our lead Cyber Security Program Specialist, Kevin Ribble ( to schedule a call to explore an array of carrier policy options, deductibles, SIR’s as well as very specialized market options.  If you have an urgent need, call 214 676 8662 today.